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Visual Studio Code Comparison View Modes

For some reason, maybe because I accidentally pressed something on my keyboard, Visual Studio 2019 started comparing code in inline mode. By inline mode, I mean I only got one code comparison window, and the changes were stacked on top of each other. This made it hard for me since I was so used to the side by side code comparison mode, where I had two windows and I can clearly see what's different between files.

Where to find the WCF TestClient Application

When you just want to do a simple WCF service test, you don't need to download third party tools. You can use the WCF Test Client app that usually comes as part of a Visual Studio installation. I keep forgetting where to find it, so I'm writing it down on here to remind myself.

WCF BindingConfiguration Error

A week ago I was running a test and kept running into a WCF BindingConfiguration Error. I would not allow myself to check-in my code unless my tests passed. So, I battled with this error for over an hour.