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Delaying Message Processing in RabbitMQ

If you search for "how to delay message processing in RabbitMQ", you'll most likely run into two possible solutions for it.

ASP.NET Core and .NET Core and the Web Development Stack Timeline - Iris Classon

Iris Classon wrote a good lengthy post about the history of .NET web development and how it all lead to the development of the .NET Core that we have today. As someone who doesn't get to work as much on the web dev side of things, this was a very informative read for me. I think it is a good read for any .NET developer, so check out her post by following the link below.

Problems with Simplifying Object Initializations

Simplifying Object Initializations Can Make Troubleshooting Exceptions Harder

This is a problem I've seen in the past and just recently actually, where exceptions are made harder to troubleshoot, because of the way objects are instantiated. Allow me to explain.